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10 Dec
Al Hilal Website (2)
We have successfully finished the second phase of Al Hilal Sporting Club website. This phase included ...
15 Sep Completion
We have proudly finished the second phase of's development. Most of the work was done to the ...
15 Apr
Al E3laniah Classifieds
Internet Plus has delivered a new site called Al E3laniah for classified ads. Website was designed, hosted ...
01 Feb
Al Zaeem
Internet Plus has finished creating the website of Al Hilal Saudi Club (Al Zaeem) with the most advanced ...
01 Jul
We have launched a new site called Fatakat for Egyptian and Arab women. The website contains a recipes cite, ...
MSSP CD (06/02/2003)
Internet Plus has been assigned to create and deliver an introductory CD about the activities of MSSP (a project by European Union and Ministry of Agriculture).

10/12/2008 Al Hilal Website (2)
15/09/2008 Completion
01/07/2007 Fatakat
15/04/2008 Al E3laniah Classifieds
01/02/2008 Al Zaeem
01/06/2007 Abunawaf Group
30/05/2006 Local Domain
15/05/2006 Online Flash Games
10/05/2006 shams Directory
02/04/2006 Multimedia Website
01/02/2006 Stock Management Solution
27/01/2006 Arab Index Delivery
15/01/2006 Uploading 4 Arabs
01/12/2005 Kamal Rohayem
25/09/2005 Arab Index
05/09/2005 The Islamization of the Social Sciences
30/08/2005 EGEC Website
10/08/2005 SGH Website Reprogramming
20/07/2005 Hosam Khedr's Website
16/06/2005 on Riyadh Newspaper
25/05/2005 MUVCO Website
07/04/2005 Ortho. Dept. @ SGH
31/03/2005 Arabic Alexa Alternative
19/03/2005 Cooperation with Ayna
10/03/2005 Design of Egypt Talks
25/02/2005 Sales Management Website
20/02/2005 Egyptian Football Website
01/02/2005 Mass Egypt Website
15/01/2005 Banner Exchange for Bentelhalal
20/12/2004 Al Moayyad Bokstore
15/12/2004 E-Commerce for
20/11/2004 Trade Sudan
01/11/2004 SEDI Site
12/10/2004 Gold's Gym Arabia
10/10/2004 HMRI Web site
26/09/2004 Dr. Matook's Web Site
25/08/2004 Classifieds
10/08/2004 SGNA Final Results Online
20/07/2004 Trade Sudan
15/06/2004 All Retirees
05/05/2004 Mohem Directory
01/05/2004 Design and Programming
15/04/2004 Redesign of SGH Site
01/03/2004 Al Thaher Web Site
15/02/2004 New Hosted Accounts
27/12/2003 APEX Pharma
10/12/2003 Additions to
01/12/2003 Mass Communication College
17/11/2003 Redesign of
08/11/2003 Affiliation Program
20/09/2003 Redesign of
10/08/2003 Reconstruction of Librarian Net
10/08/2003 Great Response
12/07/2003 New Site for Hosting
05/07/2003 Free Web Applications
26/06/2003 Hosting of the Egyptian Council
10/06/2003 Saudi German Nursing Institute
30/04/2003 Nursing Institute Management Software
20/02/2003 The First Arab Medical Congress
06/02/2003 MSSP CD
06/02/2003 Habban e-zine
29/01/2003 Credit Card Payment
22/01/2003 EgyptOil Project
21/01/2003 Deal